Bead Jewelry Video Tutorials Review

Bead Stringing and Bead Weaving Tutorials

Bead stringing may appear to be a simple technique to some beginners and although it isn’t necessarily difficult once you’ve learned different techniques, it is more than just putting a few beads on a string. Your piece should be appealing, easy to wear, sturdy, and just as in all things design it needs to be balanced well.  This takes planning, practice of techniques and patience. Oh, and let’s not forget… really good vision or really good lighting and a magnifying glass!

Beginners and novices alike need quality resources and references to learn new techniques or get a fresh perspective. The most popular method on the Internet right now for learning tips and techniques in bead jewelry making is video tutorials. These can be found by searching your favorite search engine or YouTube.  In my experience these videos are often cut short, lack detail or are just plain bad quality. That’s not to say that good tutorial videos can’t be found for free, but I recently found a paid alternative to fill this need and I’d like to tell you about it.

Eri Attebery at has made learning the techniques of bead jewelry making a breeze with her video tutorials. I had the opportunity to preview her new on-demand monthly membership service, which features 24-hour access to a library of home-study video tips and tutorials at a low monthly subscription.

It consists of the beginner’s home-study course videos, over 30 more advanced project tutorials, and a section of short video tips. It’s easy to access and well organized. Eri promises ease of learning, convenience, excellent value, professional quality videos and variety of difficulty level and types of jewelry projects. It’s my opinion that she delivers on those promises.

The videos are of very high quality. Not a grainy or blurry one in the bunch! You can see every detail clearly and when necessary her cameraman discretely zooms in for close-ups at just the right moment. Her fingers and hands are never in the way and she explains every step even if she’s said it before. Eri speaks clearly and goes at a perfect pace that allows you to keep up but still not have to wait for her if finding that tiny hole is not a problem for you.

The bead stringing and bead weaving projects range from simple to advanced, fun holiday to seriously beautiful. As an added bonus she’s always throwing in tips and advice to make your jewelry making experiences easier. If she gets tripped up on something during the video she uses that opportunity to explain what to do if this happens to you and goes seamlessly back into the project.

The only part I didn’t get excited about were the videos compiled from YouTube added as an extra bonus. I felt they didn’t compliment the tutorials offered in the library and were just not as well made, so a little disappointing after watching the jewelry making professor. However, this wasn’t really a problem for me because they were a free bonus and the value of the offer wasn’t compromised.

To sum it up, I think it’s worth every penny and will be telling everyone I know who wants to learn bead stringing and weaving as well as those who want to add new project designs to their repertoire. I give Eri’s on-demand monthly membership service two thumbs up and can’t wait to see what new projects she adds to the library next!

The holidays are coming and there are some really nice projects in this library that are perfect for gifts, whether you are a gift giver or looking for some new pieces to sell at that upcoming show.

Follow this link and get subscribed today!

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