Bead Jewelry Projects for Fall

Here are my bead jewelry project picks for the fall season,
complete with tutorials!

Falling Leaves Bracelet

Falling Leaves Bracelet

This wire wrapping project looks fun to make and you probably have some left over beads in pretty fall colors that would work, then you would just need to shop for the clasp and leaf charms/glass beads. The project instructions are only $4 at the Beading Daily Shop!

Leaf Bead Earrings

Leaf Bead Earrings Project

Here’s an earring project that is super easy and fast to make but would compliment almost any casual fall look. Shouldn’t cost more than $10 to put together so you could make a pair for a friend too!

Leather Cord Wrap Bracelet

Leather Cord Wrap Bracelet

Another casual project from Fire Mountain Gems and Beads that’s a little earthy and would look great with any charm type bead in a fall color. Love the wrap around look!

Peyote Leaf

Russian Inspired Peyote Leaf

This beautiful leaf pattern would be a nice addition to any fall project whether it be fabric pumpkins, a hat creation or a fall inspired necklace. All that’s need is 2 types of beads, thread, needle and scissors. Excellent instructions are provided by StudioSix7. Just think of all the things can you spruce up with these beauties.

 Pumpkin Beads

Pumpkin Beads

Who’s ready for Halloween?!  This is one of my favorite holidays, the kids are all so proud and ready to have an extra amount of fun and exhaustion and of course, candy! Speaking of candy, these punkin beads are so cute and sweet, they almost look like candy!  You could make up a whole bunch of these for under $30, and talk about fun to make! Wish I lived close to my nieces and nephews, we’d be having a bead fest for sure!!  Actually, they’re pretty enough for adults too. 😉

 Creepy Crawler Bracelet

Creepy Crawler Bracelet

Making a scary costume for a teenager this year, or maybe for yourself? This creepy crawler bracelet would be a super addition. Use a bigger spider charm and turn the bracelet so the spider sort of falls on to the back of your hand. Super cute and the free pattern is pretty enough to reuse without the spider and using different colors.

 Fall colors

Pantone Color Trend Fall 2013

If you’re getting some ideas and just need some color inspiration then check out the color picks by Fusion Beads inspired by the Pantone Fall 2013 color trend. They have selected some really nice crystal beads and I just love the Pantone colors for this fall.

Do you feel inspired yet?  What projects are you working on this fall?

Drop us a line in the comments and share!

Wire Wrapping and Beading: Two Great Partners in Jewelry Making!

Wire Wrapping and Beading

Wire jewelry making is a fun and increasingly popular way to design, craft, and sell beautiful jewelry designs! Wire is a versatile medium, and it’s great for any market. Copper and Brass wire are great to start wire wrapping with, as they are inexpensive and easy to buy in bulk–but they still sell well in finished pieces. The finest wire jewelry is made from gold filled wire–often 14-karat–and sterling silver wire, and wire jewelry made from these precious metals command prices in the hundreds of dollars!

Now, within the “wire jewelry world,” there are many flavors of wire wrapping. Creating wire-only designs is a great place to start, creating rings and cuffs solely from wire. Many people enjoy wrapping gemstone pendants and cabochons for necklaces and cuffs. Some people even create trees and floral art, hairpieces, earrings, and more with delicate wire designs. And some people love to create chain maille, which, as you may imagine, is composed of many little circles, called jump rings. Chain maille (which is commonly spelled chainmaille, chain maille, and chain mail–a matter of personal preference) can be extremely intricate to astonishingly simple. Here’s an easy way to get started.

You can buy premade jump rings, or you can make your own. To make your own, all you need is some round wire—I recommend 22-gauge half hard—a pair of round nose pliers, and a pair of wire cutters. Of course, chain maille isn’t limited to wire only—so feel free to bring any gemstone beads, CZs, or drilled gems that you’d like to incorporate in the design. Just be sure that the bead will fit on the wire!

To make a jump ring, the first thing you need to do is straighten your wire. Most wire comes curved in a coil, so take your forefinger and thumb and run them along about 6 inches of wire to combat the curve, until the wire lies straight.

Next, place the end of your straightened wire in the jaws of your round nose pliers. The closer you place the wire to the jaw pivot point, the bigger your jump rings will be; I usually make mine as big as possible, but you can play around with it. Then, we start turning the pliers. Close the jaws of the pliers firmly, and turn the pliers down and away from your body. Only turn your wrist as far as it’s comfortable, and then open the pliers, rotate the wire, and turn again. You can keep doing this until you have a whole spiral of jump rings! Turn as much as you like, and then cut the wire with your wire cutters when you’ve turned enough.

Then, to cut your jump rings, simply cut each ring along the side of the spiral. You can then open the jump ring with flat nose pliers to place a bead on the jump ring.

The easiest way to open a jump ring is with two sets of pliers. Take two pairs of flat nose pliers, one in each hand, and place the jump ring halfway in one jaw, with the closure facing away from you. If you’re right-handed, grasp the left side of the ring in your left hand’s pliers, and keep this stationary. Then, with your right-hand pair of pliers, bend the right half of the jump ring down, away from you. Simply add your bead (or beads) and reverse the steps to close the ring! This is much simpler that bending the jump ring’s “arms” out, and disfiguring the ring.

So, what’s a project you can make with jump rings?

Chain Drop Beaded EarringsHere are a pair of earrings, made from two different sizes of jump rings, beads, and headpins and ear wires. Now that you know how to make and use jump rings, you can make earrings like this, easy!

So to get started making wire jewelry, all you need is some wire, some pliers, and your own creativity! A great place to start is–we have the wire, tools, beads, gemstones, and educational DVDs that will turn you into a wire wrapping pro!

So have fun, find some wire and pliers, explore the world of wire jewelry making!


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